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Baruch Chait

Baruch Chait


Baruch Chait is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and musician composer. He is also the Rosh Yeshiva of the Israeli high-school Maarava Machon Rubin. He is the son of the Rabbi Moshe Chait, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivath Chafetz Chaim of Jerusalem, and a student of the Rabbi Henoch Leibowitz, former Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills, NY.

Since the late 1960s, Chait has composed hundreds of Jewish religious songs that still have wide popularity and appeal. Included in this list is his original composition, "Kol haOlam Kulo." He founded several bands including The Rabbis' Sons and Kol Salonika and has published dozens of records.



Moshe Hecht

Moshe Hecht 


In a music world dominated by Auto-tune and overproduction, Hasidic indie-folk artist Moshe Hecht challenges the status quo of hype over substance with his debut album, Heart is Alive, released October 18th 2011. The album - produced in Seattle by seven-time Emmy winner and Grammy-nominated producer Steven Ray Allen - marks Hecht's much anticipated entrance onto the current folk-revival scene. He has already garnered fans worldwide and played internationally to popular reception with The Moshe Hecht Band, an eclectic group of musicians from diverse backgrounds. The songs on Heart is Alive show a return to true, humble music that celebrate life's everyday moments. Moshe masterfully mixes meaning with melody, telling stories through his music in the vein of Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel - all with a distinctly Hasidic twist.

Navigating through multiple genres including classic rock and reggae, Moshe uses organic arrangements and his soulful, engaging voice to spread messages of inspiration that speak to people from all walks of life. The title track off the album, weaving English and Hebrew lyrics together over a delicate acoustic guitar, rouses listeners to be spiritually stirred. Moshe's overarching theme echoes the Hasidic concept that inspiration can come from the ordinary and mundane, illustrated most poignantly on the grooving rock track "Inspire Me," and "When I'm In Need" - a powerful song inspired by a humbling encounter with a homeless man Hecht met in Jerusalem. Throughout Heart is Alive, the production channels the intimate quality of the live music experience and Hecht's authentic, uncompromising approach shines.

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Zevi Kayfman

Zevi Kaufman


While most singers find themselves in and out of the recording studio in the final weeks before the release of their album, Kaufman finds himself in and out of the Bais Medrash at Yerushalayim’s Yeshivas Aderes Hatorah, where the 20-year-old Flatbush native is currently learning.

Kaufman’s style is also anything but typical. His debut album, Music Language of My Soul, is one of those rare efforts that manages to push the envelope just enough, without ever crossing the boundaries of good taste. His unique compositions have a universal appeal and are edgy enough to appeal to those who don’t necessarily embrace mainstream Jewish music without ever sacrificing even an ounce of Yiddishe ta’am, resulting in songs that have a universal appeal. Half the songs on this album are in English with lyrics that are hopeful and inspiring, each one bearing a message of its own. Every song on the album is accompanied by a D’var Torah, each one dedicated to someone who clearly had a tremendous impact on Kaufman’s life.

While Kaufman, a Miami Boys Choir alumnus who also sang with Avrumi Flamm, has been singing all his life, he began composing songs about the time of his Bar Mitzvah. Over the past seven years his songs have offered both solace and encouragement to so many people that Kaufman decided it was time to put out an album and share his positive messages with the world. Kaufman credits his Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbeim from Yeshiva of Far Rockaway where he learned for five years for inspiring him with ideas of chizuk and mussar from the Navardik school of thought.

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Nochi Krohn

Nochi Krohn


Almost a year ago the Nochi Krohn Band released the long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album “Ananim”. The new album entitled “Banai” was a robust album filled with life and raw emotion. ALL of the songs and arrangements are very musical and diverse. The album connected with people in more than just an entertaining way. The title track “Banai” featured special guest, R’ Yosef Karduner. This song was so special with a positive message that we needed Reb Yosef to convey it to the listener. Now as Tisha Bav approaches, is the perfect time to re-release the song as an A Capella single. The song speaks about Hashem talking to us telling us that every mitzvah and action counts, no matter how small.



Shalom Levine

Shalom Levine a"h


Shalom Levine was Moshe Yess's partner in the Megama Duo. Their goal in creating Megama was to communicate the beauty and values of Judaism through American-style music. They toured for more than three and a half years together. One tour, which consisted of 32 shows in 29 cities, lasted 42 days. "My Zaidy" was Megama's biggest hit. The well-known disc jockey of the WEVD radio station in New York, Art Raymond, claimed that it was the most requested song he had in eighteen years of broadcasting.



Shalom's soul was taken from this world a few days before the second Yahrtzeit of Moshe Yess, just after recording the Yess Legacy tribute album and will be dearly missed by his family, fans and all who knew him.

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Avraham Rosenblum

Avraham Rosenblum


The Original Diaspora Yeshiva Band was formed in 1975 by Avraham Rosenblum, a multi-talented composer, singer and guitarist who led the band through several incarnations over an eight year period.  The group took its name from the noble (although at that time a bit wild and wooly) institution in the heart of Jerusalem where its members studied Torah.  They were among the first wave of Baalei Teshuva, returnees to Jewish religious practice who somehow managed to survive the 60s and return to the fold.

Whenever the band appeared on stage – whether on a Motza’ei Shabbos overlooking the rooftops of Har Zion, or at big venues such as Israel’s Hasidic Song Festival – the players looked pretty Yeshivish (the funky hat or two being the only giveaways). But when they turned on their amps and cut loose, it wasn’t Cantorial music that came out, but an original decoction of what they called ”Country and Eastern Music”: Tehillim, Bluegrass, Chassidic Niggunim, and Rock’n'roll.

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Lenny Solomon

Lenny Solomon


Lenny Solomon is the lead singer of Shlock Rock, an independent Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music. To date they have released 32 albums. Shlock Rock continues to record albums and perform live as of 2010, and to date has sold more than 200,000 CD’s, tapes and DVDs in the contemporary Jewish Rock arena. Their music is a mix of pop-rock song parodies and original rock songs in English and Hebrew. The purpose of the band is to spread Jewish pride, identity and awareness throughout the Jewish community, for Jewish continuity. Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock tour around the world, playing at concerts, schools, and Jewish events.

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Gershon Veroba

Gershon Veroba


He sang from when he was a child in his father's choir and for friends, but Gershon Veroba's professional career actually began in 1980, when he recorded as a singer, keyboardist and even a drummer in a band formed by guitarist, Steve (Shmuel) Simenowitz, called Jewish Blues on a now-collectible album called "Out Of The Woods" Nova Records, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, also starring the late blues legend, Roy Buchanan.

To date, he now has been featured on over 50 albums, plus 12 solo albums of his own. Through the 90's, he became known for performing adaptations and parodies of mainstream pop songs, re-written with Jewish themes, some in Hebrew, but mostly in English. The "Variations" album series, featured him as the main artist for its four-volume run between 1993 and 2004. Gershon produced his own adaptation album, "Impressions" in 2003 and produced an all-star sequel, "Second Impressions: Don't Stop" in May, 2009. His return to original compositions culminated in the 2007 release, "Reach Out," which contained 7 English songs of his own that had strong messages of Jewish life and introspection rarely, if ever, attempted by Jewish music previously. This included a song telling of a person's questioning G-d's silence, "Speechless," co-composed by his friend, Chassidic superstar Avraham Fried.

His unique role in the Jewish music business as a "bridge" between secular and Jewish music has become a source of admiration and controversy. Many fans and even hard line rabbis have praised his work as having the rare qualifications of valid fusion between delicate religious Jewish acceptance and the mainstream pop culture of the Diaspora. Others have criticized him, grouping him with those who encourage the dangerous influences of the non-Jewish culture.

Thousands of fans and continued to support his music and his views, seeing him perform around the world, including Nassau Coliseum, Lincoln Center and Town Hall in NY, on the Chabad Telethons and receiving a resounding stamp of approval from scores of major performers who have seen him or performed with him, including the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l, Mordechai Ben-David, Sam Glaser, Safam, Mike Burstein, Gad Elbaz, Blue Fringe, Freddy Roman, Robert Klein, Paula Abdul, Jon Voight, Steve Allen, Jackie Mason and others. In the years he has remained in the spotlight, many younger Jewish musicians and performers claim Gershon to be a major influence on their work.

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Benny Friedman

Benny Friedman


One of the fastest rising stars in Jewish music, Benny Friedman has made a name for himself, not by being a member of one of Jewish music’s royal families, but by consistently proving himself to be talented, versatile and one of the nicest people in the Jewish music business.

Benny’s musical career began at age thirteen when he began performing at small local events and audiences were mesmerized by his dazzling voice. Passionate about both singing and his ability to inspire people through music, Benny spent four years working with elite Hollywood vocal coach Seth Riggs and Jewish music lovers everywhere began to buzz about the talented newcomer with the golden voice.

Benny split his time between recording his debut album Taamu with legendary producer Avi Newmark and making appearances all over the country. One of the most highly anticipated debut albums in Jewish music history, Taamu was hailed as both the best debut album ever produced and 2009?s album of the year, firmly cementing Benny’s place as one of Jewish music’s elite. Demand for the talented singer skyrocketed as Benny performed at dinners, weddings and other events worldwide. Recent concert appearances include Chelsea Unplugged in Manhattan, Kutsher’s Summer Concert Series in Monticello, South Florida Chassidic Chanukah Festival and a show stopping duet with Avraham Fried that was the highlight of the 24th annual HASC show.

Working towards his goal of inspiring people through music, Benny has devoted countless hours to making music that is meaningful. Not only do his impeccable vocals appear on Chasoif, Unity and Berachamim, three singles recorded to raise money for tzedaka, he performed at Nariman House on the first anniversary of the Mumbai massacre. Benny is also resuming his 2006 “Songs and Stories of Judaism” concert series, exploring fundamental concepts of Judaism through music and lore with Jews all across the country. Benny just released his second album, Yesh Tikvah, to much acclaim.

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Sam Glaser

Sam Glaser


Sam Glaser's soulful music has become part of the fabric of Jewish life in communities worldwide. He performs in an average of fifty cities a year and his energetic style and passionate delivery never fails ignite the spirit of audiences of all ages. Named one of the top ten Jewish artists in the US by Moment magazine, Glaser is equally comfortable behind a keyboard in intimate solo concerts, leading his top-notch band or headlining with full orchestra. While he typically performs in synagogues and Jewish Community Centers, he has appeared at such venues as L.A.'s Greek Theater, Universal Amphitheater, Staples Center and Dodger Stadium as well as on Broadway and at the White House. He has traveled the world over in concert, from Sydney to London to Hong Kong to Tel Aviv.

Sam’s best-selling Jewish CDs include The Songs We Sing, Hallel, Nigun/Voice of the Soul, Presence, The Bridge, A Day in the Life and the award-winning children's musical Kol Bamidbar. He was one of the first artists signed by Sony/JMG Records, a label dedicated to promoting Jewish music. Sam’s children’s CD Soap Soup won such awards as the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Parents Choice and the National Association of Parenting Publications. In addition to the twenty albums of his own compositions he has published four collections of lyrics and poetry, four musicals, three sheet music songbooks of his Jewish music and an SATB choral book. In his cutting-edge recording studio, Glaser Musicworks, he produces albums for a wide variety of recording artists and music for such networks as the WB, ESPN and PBS.

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Shlomo Katz

Shlomo Katz


Shlomo Katz was born in New Jersey, son of Cantor Avsholom Katz. His family moved to Israel when he was nine years old and he has subsequently moved back and forth between Los Angeles and Israel. While studying in a Raanana yeshiva, Katz was introduced to the music and teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

Katz received his rabbinical ordination at Yeshivat HaMivtar in the Israeli settlement of Efrat in the West Bank under Rosh HaYeshiva, Rav Chaim Brovender. Shlomo has been invited as Scholar in Residence to university campuses and synagogues to teach Torah and give concerts, lead Melave Malkas and kumsitzim. He was the lead Baal Tefilah and spiritual guide in the Carlebach Minyan of Beth Jacob of Beverly Hills. His brother, Eitan Katz, is also a well known performer and the two often perform together.

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Aryeh Kunstler

Aryeh Kunstler


Aryeh Kunstler is a rising star in the Jewish music scene. With his virtuoso guitar talent and a collection of well-written, soulful, catchy songs, he has captivated audiences both here in the U.S. and in Israel for the past five years. Since the release of his debut album, "From The Depths," Aryeh and his band have developed a reputation for their energetic live shows and their ability to entertain and captivate audiences across the broad spectrum of Jewish life.

Now, with the added talent of legendary drummer and producer Nir Z, Aryeh is set to release his second album entitled "Our Eyes Are On You" . This new collection, once again brings Hebrew and English lyrics together, in a polished performance that blends the highest studio production levels with the depth and meaningfulness of Aryeh's heartfelt and talented songwriting and singing.

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Yosi Piamenta

Yosi Piamenta A"H


It all started when Yossi Piamenta got a $30 acoustic guitar as a Bar Mitzvah present form his uncle Albert, the biggest bandleader in Israel at that time. Yossi immediately fell in love with his guitar. He was so obsessed that his grades started dropping. At that point Yossi’s father smashed his guitar. Yossi was depressed and couldn’t eat for 2 months. After seeing Yossi’s heart broken, his parents bought him a real guitar, like no other kid had in Israel.

Yossi is a self-taught musician who would turn on the Jerusalem radio and play along. That’s how he learned how to play. He used money from gigs to buy the best audio equipment, international albums and music magazines. Yossi’s self-acquired education led him to become one of the most skillful and original guitarists on the Jewish and secular music scene. Yossi’s original style is best described as a hint of jazz, a drop of blues, and a whole lot of rock 'n' roll filtered through a purple haze of Oriental funk.

After finishing boarding school, Yossi joined a “Top 40” cover band as their lead guitarist. Then he joined the army, and played in the Army Band. After completing his army service, Yossi became a full time musician. During the Yom Kippur War Yossi, together with his 15-year old brother Avi, now an international acclaimed flutist, played for the soldiers. After that, Yossi and Avi immediately formed “the Piamenta Band.” The rest is history. The band went on to play with the most prestigious Israeli musicians. They were dubbed the “Mizrahi Rockers.”

In 1976 Stan Getz discovered the Piamenta Band. 3 weeks later Getz sent Yossi a ticket to America, where Yossi was introduced to the crème de la crème of American musicians. Getz was so impressed with Yossi’s music that he cancelled his schedule for 3 weeks to cut an album with Yossi. The album was so successful that Getz tried hard to sign a lifetime contract with the Piamenta’s but when Yossi saw what went on in the showbiz industry… he declined and ran towards his Jewish roots.

With 18 official studio albums and appearances at the most distinguished venues in the world, the Piamenta Band is the most requested name in Jewish events. Piamenta Management is planning a tour of colleges and universities. As far as plans for the near future, the Piamenta Band will be working on producing an album with Eddie Kramer, the engineer who cut albums for Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, KISS and more. Piamenta will soon be a household name, God willing.

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Abie Rotenberg

Abie Rotenberg


Abie Rotenberg grew up in Queens, New York surrounded by other up and coming religious Jewish musicians, including Eli Teitelbaum, who directed the first Pirchei boys choir, as well as Rabbi Baruch Chait and Label Sharfman who attended yeshiva with him. Rotenberg studied piano and taught himself guitar at a young age

Abie Rotenberg has cited musicians Rabbi Benzion Shenker, and Shlomo Carlebach as strong influences. While his folk-inspired sound and inspirational lyrics are strongly reminiscent of Carlebach, Rotenberg's soft and sometimes melancholic voice, however, contrast with Carlebach's ecstatic style. Rotenberg has collaborated with other Jewish musicians including Mordechai ben David, Avraham Fried, Yehuda Schechter, Yaakov Shwekey, Moshe Yess and Shlomo Simcha with whom he co-starred in Israel National Radio's Miracles 18 concert.

Rotenberg has also been a main fixture of the annual HASC A Time for Music concerts. He has produced a children's audio series called the Marvelous Midos Machine composed of 4 volumes, with all original material. Rotenberg has said that wanted to raise awareness of different traits inherent in each child through this series.






Soulfarm was founded in Israel by Grammy Award winner lead guitarist C Lanzbom and guitarist and lead singer Noah Solomon Chase. Their sound has been dubbed as New American music, full melodic song writing and progressive modern arrangements. Together with Ben Antelis and Mitch Friedman Soulfarm tours the world performing concerts.

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Country Yossi

Country Yossi


Yossi Toiv, going by the name of "Country Yossi" on radio, is the host of the light-hearted, Orthodox Jewish radio program "Country Yossi Show" in the New York City area, which he pioneered. The show has been on the air continuously since 1986.

In 1988, Toiv began publishing a monthly magazine entitled Country Yossi Magazine, which has printed over 3 million copies. Working with Heshy Walfish, he has released 14 humorous music albums on Orthodox Jewish themes. Through his magazine and radio show, Toiv has promoted the careers of many singers and entertainers catering to the Orthodox Jewish market, including Dovid Gabay, Avi Newmark, Yacov Young, Shua Kessin, Yossi Green, Eli Gerstner, and Shauli.

Yossi Toiv was a pioneering Jewish composer and singer in the modern Jewish song genre according to popular Jewish singer Mordechai ben David. The NCSYyouth organization promotes Country Yossi music. Among Toiv's recordings are six albums under the name Country Yossi and the Shteeble Hoppers, three albums as a member of "The Or Chodosh" ("The New Light") circa 1971-73, and a series of five albums for children called Kivi and Tuki. Two animated Kivi and Tuki DVDs have also been released. Through Country Yossi Productions various new releases are composed and marketed: "Moisheleh" Mumbai Tribute, "Country Yossi and the Shteeble-Hoppers."

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Yerachmiel Ziegler

Yerachmiel Ziegler


As a graduate of SAE Institue in Manhattan, New York, Yerachmiel Aaron Ziegler set out to make good use of his skills as a recording engineer and as an expert musician. Yerachmiel has had a flurry of musical activity throughout the course of his elaborate career. Recently coming off major tours with Matisyahu and Aaron Razel, he is currently in the studio recording his fourth Album. The hit singles from the last album "The Secret of Shabbos" can be heard every Friday on all the religious radio stations in Israel and America. He has recently formed a new duo called "B'Jazzled" and has been seen playing some wild hippie weddings on beaches and hilltops. "Rocky" as he is known in the Jewish music scene is a also a musical engineer and producer at Little Apple Studio, Jerusalem's newest state-of-the-art recording studio. His message to the world is simple..."Fly with the wind and remember to breathe."

Yerachmiel A. Ziegler a popular musician who to date recorded over 75 commercial albums and has worked with hundreds of artists and aspiring musicians to help create and explore their own unique sound. Yerachmiel was one of the producers on The Yess Legacy Album and is currently residing in Ariel, Israel.

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Menachem Weinstein

Menachem Weinstein


Menachem Weinstein - Born and raised in London, England is an up and coming Jewish Hip/Hop star. Releasing two hit singles 'Hear Me Cry' & ' Peace' he is now working on his debut album titled 'Return'. His music is a blend of the finest Hip/Hop with a Jewish twist, his Motto - "To transform the preconceptions of modern day Hip/Hop and turn it into something for all to hear". Menachem is now recording his debut album - Return - and is planning a tour of the USA soon after.

At only 21 years old he is already signed to a London based record label and is in the process of recording his début album. In 2011 Menachem was a finalist in A Jewish Star Singing competition which has spurred on his Newly founded career in Music and entertainment.

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Yaron Vershovsky

Yaron Gershovsky

Yaron Gershovsky is widely recognized as an accomplished musician, whose long list of credits demonstrates versatility and excellence as a Pianist/Keyboardist, Arranger, Composer and Producer.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Yaron has been, and still is the Musical Director and Pianist/Keyboardist for the world renowned vocal group The Manhattan Transfer. He has toured with them world wide, and has recorded and arranged for them both vocally and instrumentally. Among his arrangements for The Manhattan Transfer is the Grammy award winning song “Why Not”. On their last CD “Vibrate” he is featured both as a pianist and as an arranger.

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Andy Statman

Andy Statman

Andy Statman, one of his generation's premier mandolinists and clarinetists, thinks of his compositions and performances as "spontaneous American-roots music and personal, prayerful hasidic music, by way of avant-garde jazz." This modest man takes for granted that a performer might embody several worlds in his art, and seems humbled by the fact that his music, like his story, is extraordinary.

Andy's musical journey began early, when he was a child in Queens, not far from his current home in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Born into a family with a long line of cantors and some well-known professional musicians in the family tree, Andy grew up singing hasidic melodies in the afternoon Jewish school his parents sent him to, and listening to show tunes, klezmer, and classics - along with every other variety of music playing within earshot.

Indeed, young Andy had ravenous ears, absorbing the early sounds of rock and roll and the beginnings of the folk revival. But after his brother brought home a vintage record by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Andy became obsessed with bluegrass, which he would tune into via shortwave radio from West Virginia. He sent away for a method booklet, and picked up the guitar and banjo on his own. Eventually he would discover his love for the mandolin


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Aaron Holder

Aaron HolderAaron Holder is fast becoming a Jewish music sensation.

His music is original enhanced by a unique and refreshing voice, which continually brings messages of hope, freedom and values to fans worldwide. Aaron’s repertoire of his own singles and music videos is growing as he constructs his soon to be released album debut. He is a YouTube sensation with various music videos adding up to over 300,000 views and counting.

Aaron Holder’s journey with songwriting has been paved by his innermost feelings. He connects to people and events in a worldly way, beyond his years. This album embraces common struggles in overcoming obstacles. He has a talent of shedding light on troubles and turning them into motivation. This inspires him to share his deep connection to the Greater Power out there and within, and that drives him to write and sing. Although he wants us to accept the unknown, there is always a bond to his lyrics that lets everyone identify in his or her own way with that “Something Stronger”.

According to Aaron,“Singing is not something that I have to do.. For me, singing is an instrument of healing for myself and others. The world needs inspiration and I am glad to be a part of it.”


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Marc Levine

Marc LevineNative to Hollywood, Florida, Marc Levine—a dedicated husband, proud father, corporate compliance expert, and professional magician—has also been rapidly rising as one of Jewish music’s sought after singers and composers.  

In the past decade, Marc has offered his musical talents to many popular industry artists, including Chaim Dovid, Nochi Krohn, and Avraham Rosenblum (to name a few), and has recently gained acclaim for his latest contribution, “B’sheim Hashem”, to Benny Friedman’s popular album, “Yesh Tikvah.”  Marc’s signature melodious folk-rock acoustic and electric guitars complement his renowned smooth and gentle vocals, which offer a passionate, soulful touch to every project.


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