The Moshe Yess Revival

Moshe Yess / Megama RevivalThere has been a huge influx in people interested in the music of Moshe Yess OBM. One can find numerous covers of his songs on YouTube and other sites across the web. We invite you to post your own version of any of your favourite Moshe Yess or Megama songs for the world to hear and we will publish it to the Moshe Yess Website under the Live Tributes page. It can also be a song that you wrote in his memory.

This will give the people who are unfamiliar with the music of Moshe Yess and the Megama Duo a chance to appreciate the music in your own way. Every Month we will announce the winner for that month on the Moshe Yess Facebook Page. The winner will be awarded with some previously undistributed tracks or albums from our vault. We look forward to hearing your interpretation of his music. The only rule is to please keep the lyrics the same as the original versions. If you want to mix up the genre and add a twist of your own, you have our blessing. 

Good luck and thanks for being a great Moshe Yess fan!


Click Here for a little treat from the Megama Duo Days, Enjoy!


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